Tiles from the last month and Adele's gift

Thank you everyone for your patience in these difficult times. 
Here are my tiles and a fantastic heart-warming gift from Adele Bruno who's manages the IAST challenges.

Here are my IAST tiles:





and for the 4th IAST anniversary tile - #208:

And now... here are Adele's gift.
It was a totally surprise to me and yes dear Adele, your gift make me smile ... and make me tears... about your generosity, your lovely words and sympathy. Thank you so much and a big hug!


Gift from tangler friends

Dear tangler friends! 
I received tremendous joy and surprise yesterday when a huge package, with an abundance of tiles you had drawn, arrived for me. I am so very grateful to each and everyone of you for your continued support, kindness, compassion and, of course, all of your wonderful artwork. Chris made a wonderful album for your beautiful tiles. I especially thank her for having carried out this mighty task. She has given me your gifts, as well as hers, in such a wonderful form. I also thank for her fantastic Zondoms protective sleeves and the beautiful frame for my tile. https://www.etsy.com/…/zondoms-crystal-clear-acrylic-frame-…
When I began leafing through the album, my tears came rolling down. You have given me a wonderful gift, not just for your drawings letters and lovely words, but also for allowing me to be a member of this wonderful and caring community. Thank you very much to everyone. You are the best. 
With love, 

There are the video and pictures about all this in my Facebook Artistic page:

And here are the plus gifts, greeting cards, nice words:

And here is my "thank you" tile all for you with my new tangle pattern: Phoenix.

My other weekly tiles:

For IAST 202:


Some new tiles

Here are all of my not published tiles ( here on the blog ) from past 3 months.

 Thank you everyone for your patience and all of your support  in these difficult times.
God bless everyone!

This tile by my talented 13 years old granddaughter:


Agni for Ágnes

Here is my new tangle pattern: 
 - dedicated to the memory of my beloved daughter -


My first tile with Agni:


Thank you everyone for all of your support in these difficult times.
God bless everyone!


Gratitude and thank.

The support of zentangle community means a lot to me. 
You all gave me strength. 
I could pick up my pen again after more than a month because of you. 💞
I want to express my gratitude to everyone with this tile. 
Thank you everyone all of your support with your magically beautiful tiles and your lovely words. 
It a privilege to be part of such a caring community. 
 You all are incredibly kind...
God bless everyone... 💞

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